Spring 2016


The greatest wine event I have found in the world comes again! Those who missed it in 2014, get in on 2016! Plus there are some spot for non-professionals on this trip.


As 2016 is still far off, you should all know that this trip requires quite a bit preparation and the best lodging is usually booked by the end of July. I present the first outline of my itinerary, 2016 in France:


Contact me immediately to reserve your spot and have a say in where we go and who we visit!


Terrie and I will leave Las Vegas on Monday, 14MAR. Arriving in Paris Tuesday morning, we will go directly to our flat in Champillon. After restocking the kitchen, we will meet with Nicolas Chiquet (Gaston Chiquet), then drive out to Merfy and see what’s happening outside the box with Alexandre Chartogne (Chartogne-Taillet). Before dinner, we will take some extra Brut over to my oyster-vending friend, Bernard, and sample this last crop of Fines de Claires.


3 more days of Champagne and we’ll visiting old favorites like Gosset, Bonnaire, Gimonnet, Pierre Peters, the Moncuits and/or Camille Saves.


Friday, we drive from Vertus to Puligny and prepare for a week of immersion into Burgundy.


Saturday morning we enjoy the Market in Place Carnot. In the afternoon we stock the kitchen, refuel the car and visit some friends including dinner with Jean-Charles FAGOT. “Old friends” may include a private tasting with Jean-Claude Ramonet or Olivier Leflaive.


Sunday morning we enjoy the Market in Chagny and then take a tour of the vineyards. One potential person in our group requested that we taste La Tache on La Tache. This is expensive, as an off-vintage could cost $1500. We can, of course, taste Enfant Jesus on Enfant Jesus for 1/20th the price.


Monday, 21MAR, takes us up to Chablis for the entire day. There is a long commute and an early start is preferred. This would be the day we hope for good weather, because Lunch can be inhibited by drizzle or rain.


Tuesday, we explore the Côte de Nuits, from Fixin to NSG.


Wednesday, is all about the Côte Chalonnaise and other Burgundies such as Cremant, Côte wines and Haut Côte wines. Fortunately, this is held at the Palais de Congres in Beaune; no long commute down south!


Thursday, is based in Mercurey and includes one very fine lunch!


Friday is a grand finale with the Côte de Beaune. There is some serious walking at Pernand Vergelesses.


Saturday we can return to Place Carnot and conclude the private tastings with Jean-Claude Ramonet or Olivier Leflaive, whichever we haven’t seen yet.


DINNER: be prepared to PIG OUT at Le Goret!


Sunday is departure day. Terrie and I will go to Lyon for another wonderful dinner at Archange, before heading to Valence to meet with Guigal on Monday, for the first time in 4 attempts.


Monday takes us through Northern Rhone (Hermitage, Cote Rotie, St. Joseph, Cornas), arriving in Orange or thereabouts for 2-3 nights, depending on how we divide the last 8 days between Rhone and Bandol.

Tuesday: Tavel

Wednesday: Chateauneuf du Pape

Thursday: More Rhone or move to Bandol.

Friday: Bandol

Saturday: Bandol

Sunday: Bandol

Monday: Bandol

Tuesday: Depart Marseilles to come back to Las Vegas.


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