What are the outcomes for learning from participation?

The programs learning objectives are focused on several aspects, all of which shall provide a most professional appreciation about Piemonte  that furthers participants capacity professionally and /or journalistically to intelligently sell, discuss, market and write about Piemontese wines in the global context.


Key Objective 1 To gain expertise and understanding of the complex laws and requirements for Piemonte DOCs/DOCGs, IGTs, etc, including varietal composition, yield rules, geography, etc.


Key Objective 2: Through numerous deep and broad tastings led by the producers, to gain the ability to identify, appreciate and understand the various wine-styles produced in Piemonte.  Being able to intelligently describe,comment upon and analyse the differences among the various Barolo comuni, for example, will be a key objective.


Key Objective 3: Gain expertise on the viti-vini issues and approaches that dictate the region’s wine styles, organoleptically and commercially.


Key Objective 4: Being able to demonstrate familiarity with the marketing and other commercial issues that affect Piemonte in the global context.


What’s in it, for the wine professionals, commercially in their jobs?

Per the outcomes noted above, those professionals involved will have had access to information, education and wines tasted that will give them an immediate ability to be more pro-active in their respective fields.


Being able to show deeper knowledge, have convincing information to provide customers or readers with deeper understanding and insight always leads to positive results.


By virtue of being “in situ” in Piemonte for many days, and access to many wines, buyers and writers especially will gain “inside” knowledge that could strongly influence buying decisions positively, or reflect the deeper knowledge that readers will value.  Meeting producers directly may lead to new contracts and professional liaisons that can have strong and positive future affects.


Why should someone participate?

This is the first program of its kind to consider Piemonte and its wines in a more holistic way offered in English for those who desire or need far greater understanding and expertise about the area than has heretofore been available, except by reading many books.


If attendees have not been to Piemonte before, then this will be both the perfect “intro” as well as the “advanced” level opportunity, rolled into one!


The Course has an “all-star” cast of presenters who can provide the answers to questions that most casual observers of Piemonte, and even many experts cannot.


The opportunity to taste, discuss and compare wines from across the region with the producers themselves offers unique and exciting possibilities for further work in the area on several fronts.  One learns the most from being in contact with the key actors in their home area, where you can more readily understand all of the various issues that provide real knowledge about the region.


The nature of the MW and MS exams is such that participating in an interactive, “theory and practice” oriented program like Wine in the Vines will maximize attendees’ limited resources and time in the most effective way to understand this important Italian region and its place in the pantheon of global wine centers.




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