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The first Wine in the Vines will be in Piemonte. The people and the culture of Piemonte impressed me as much as the region itself holds its title as “Most Prestigious Wine Region of Italy.” Piemonte is one of the most important wine regions of the world. Honestly, I was shocked to learn that Piemonte does not host its own wine event that is marketed internationally! This will be an annual event that will bring people from all over the world and shine a spotlight onto Piemonte.

Master of Wine, Joel Butler and I have created a program worthy of this great wine region. We are assembling some of the great winemakers of Piemonte as well as mapmaker Alessandro Masnaghetti, Decanter's Ian D'Agata,  "Master of Grapes," Dr. José Vouillamoz and many others to present an intimate forum that will allow you to learn about everything that is Piemontese wine! This will be an unprecedented wine experience! The dates have been set to provide the perfect primer for Nebbiolo Prima, which begins on May 11th.

The complete experience of Wine in the Vines demands that one stay at a winery. In Italy, this is called an Agriturismo. Check out Travel Assistance for more about lodging, cars, dining and even a companion program so that you can bring the spouse or whomever -- all the things that will make your trip the best it can be.

After extensive efforts were made to hold the event at the Castello Grizane Cavour, we found the people there absolutely impossible to work with. While we recognize that is is impossible to be impartial when holding the event at a producer's property, the facilities at Fontanafredda make it otherwise ideal. The location and size of the property make it very easy to access and the property has many other assets that will help this event be a success!


Check out the program below and our FAQs!


Program Dates and Details

Dates: 4-9 May, 2014.

Target audience: Wine Professionals -- especially those who aspire to gain their MS or MW. Most lectures will be done in English, the rest will have an interpreter.

Capacity: 130 for lectures, 250 for Grand Tasting.

5 days: 23 lectures/forums lasting over 34 hours.

Clients urged to stay in agriturismo owned by a winery.

Winemaker Dinners will be available for purchase through our web site. (To be determined in December)

Clients are encouraged to bring a "companion.”

An additional program provided to keep those companions busy and happy.


Day 0: Saturday (May 3rd)

Pre-program parties

For those of you who arrive early, there will be a party at the Rivetto Cantina. Food, Wine, Music -- and the VIEW! A perfect location to start Wine in the Vines!

Details to follow, along with at least one other event.


Day 1: Sunday 

09h00-09h55                   Introduction

10h00-10h55                   Wine laws, pronunciation and vocabulary reading a label

11h00-11h55                   Piemonte wines in the world market

12h00-13h00                   LUNCH 

13h00-15h50                   First wines: Alta Langa, Metodo Classico, Arneis, Gavi/Cortese, Moscato and Asti

15h50-16h10                   BREAK

16h10-17h00                   Past, present and future of the Langhe (Jeffrey Chilcott)

17h00-17h10                   BREAK

17h10-19h00                   Keynote speaker tasting (VIP ticket holders only)


Day 2: Monday 

09h00-10h20                   Climate, geography and geology

10h20-10h40                   BREAK

10h40-12h00                   Viticulture & Winemaking practices

12h00-13h00                   LUNCH

13h00-14h40                   Other Grapes and Wines of Piemonte: including Albarossa, Brachetto, Erbaluce, Freisa, Grignolino, Malvasia Di Castelnuovo Don Bosco, Nascetta, Pelaverga, Piccolo, Riesling, Ruchè, Timorasso

14h40-15h00                   BREAK

15h00-17h00                   Other grapes, continued

17h00-17h30                   Wine tasting lecture

17h30-18h30                   Wine tasting


Day 3: Tuesday 

09h00-10h50                   Dolcetto Introduction

                   Dolcetto d'Acqui

                   Dolcetto d'Alba

                   Dolcetto d'Asti

                   Diano d'Alba


                   Dolcetto di Ovada

10h50-11h00                   BREAK

11h00-12h00                   Tasting, discussion, Q&A

12h00-13h00                   LUNCH

13h00-15h20                   Barbera Introduction

                   Barbera d'Asti and Barbera del Monferrato

15h20-15h30                   BREAK

15h30-17h00                   Barbera d'Alba

                   discussion, tasting, Q&A

18h00-18h30                   Wine tasting lecture

18h30-19h30                   Wine tasting

20h00-23h00     Magnum Dinner at La Rei, Il Boscareto Resort & Spa (VIP ticket holders only)


Day 4: Wednesday 

09h00-10h20                   Nebbiolo Introduction

                   Alto Piemonte, Boca and Carema

10h20-10h30                   BREAK

10h30-12h30                   Fara, Gattinara, Ghemme/Sizzano

                                            Langhe: Nebbiolo d'Alba and Roero DOCG

12h30-13h30                   LUNCH

13h30-15h00                   Barbaresco Introduction

                   Mapping Barbaresco


15h00-15h20                   BREAK

15h20-18h00                   Treiso and Neive

18h00-18h30                   Wine tasting lecture

18h30-19h30                   Wine tasting

  • A selection of Nebbiolos and Barbarescos Tasted BLIND


Day 5: 

09h00-10h00                   Barolo Introduction (15min)

                   Mapping Barolo

10h00-11h00                   Verduno and Novello

11h00-11h15                   BREAK

11h15-12h15                   La Morra

12h15-13h15                   LUNCH

13h15-15h15                   Barolo and Castiglione Falletto

15h15-15h30                   BREAK

15h30-17h30                   Monforte d'Alba and Serralunga d'Alba

17h30-17h40                   BREAK

17h40-18h30                   Barolo Chinato

17h30-18h00                   Wine tasting lecture

18h00-19h00                   Wine tasting

  • A selection of Barolos tasted BLIND


Day 6: 

Generally, this is considered a free day for visiting wineries before the finale in the evening.

10h00-12h00     Blind Tasting Challenge (UNDER CONSIDERATION)

14h00-16h00     Cuisine of Piemonte (Optional, additional cost)

09h00-17h00     Winery open house

  • Selected wineries will be prepared for our groups to visit

18h00-22h00     Grand Tasting 




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